There are several parts to what I do:

  • Physical
  • Coaching
  • Energy
  • Shamanistic
  • Classes

For that reason I have created a comprehensive website 



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Your Life is Yours.    No one else's.    Make it so.

Tangled Roots?

We all have our tangled roots.  Ancestors that we don't even know gave us things and those we do. Families and all that implies. Experiences and relationships. The culture we live in.


They are all our roots.

Existing or lost?

We cope, or settle, or tell ourselves it's our fault or it can't be changed. We settle for someone else's vision of our future. Maybe it's a family tradition, or a idea or limitation from school, or a parent's dream they could not fulfill for themselves.


But who am I? Am I anyone without these?

Are you yourself?

There are many paths we follow in the search for self. What has been missing for many of us has been the opportunity to make the stories merely history and living past the dreams of others to our own.


Find the me without the stories from others and the dreams they held for themselves but gave us instead. Being in the thriving present and all it holds is a marvel to behold.

Your Path is Yours Alone.

There is the past, there is the future, and then there is the present. Stories live in the past or the future. Stories make drama when they invade the present. Stories brought into the present freeze us in place. Stories can also just be that, drama free, trigger free, emotion free. Something we enjoy as part of our history without the challenge of living in them. Those types of stories can be used as a teaching tool, a remembrance, or a measure of how far we have come.


The coaching I offer is the path of freedom from the bondage, expectations, emotions and triggers of the stories we have collected from our lives, our heritage, other's image of us. 


There is no reason to live another's life vision or values. There is no reason to pass trauma to yet another generation.