SFL is a place born out of years of learning and many teachers, life situations and study. Each time a layer of learning was added I found there was still a piece missing.

Then finally...

Story Free Living

My Story


I have been doing energy practices of various kinds and been a holistic health practitioner  working on animals and people for over 45 years. There have been endless classes, conferences, workshops and certifications along the way. Hopefully some wisdom out of all of it.


Helping people physically is wonderful but in over 45 years what I know is that I cannot give you enough nutritional learning or product to go beyond your story.


You will always limit yourself if you don't get past the story: the voice in your head, the I don't deserve, the drama, the self-putdowns, the limitations that someone gifted to you.


Call me a practitioner, shaman, coach, teacher or guide it makes no difference to me. What gives me joy is seeing the light go on for you. To now have enough pieces (or maybe all) to have a clear path for you to find your way to being you.

My Mission

The mission has always been the same.


I help guide people to wellness. Listen. Find out where people get on that path to wholeness. Help.

In the end it is about being here, now, in the present and being free to be yourself.

  • To have the discernment to know what is you and what is not you.
  • To go beyond the triggers of everyday life.
  • To know if the beliefs are really yours or belong to someone else.
  • To be able to find clear courses of action by understanding past, present and future.
  • To live in the present.
  • To be beyond fear.

Join me in the Present. It's delightful, rewarding and most of all peaceful.


Linda Dulicai, CNHP, AdvLDHS, CLEC, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach

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